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On this week’s episode of Radically Agile, Catalant’s co-founder and co-CEO Rob Biederman sits down with Bullhorn’s CMO, Gordon Burnes.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Gordon directs Bullhorn’s comprehensive marketing efforts. He brings to the company a broad range of skills and experience across product, marketing, sales, and business development functions with a unique perspective on how to drive growth. Gordon was previously an executive at IBM charged with worldwide marketing for the Risk Analytics group, which over the course of his tenure became the leading provider in the industry.

Listen in to hear Gordon share insights and experiences he has collected on his path to becoming Bullhorn’s CMO, including the state of the staffing industry, its most pressing challenges, and potential innovative solutions. Rob and Gordon discuss why staffing firms are starting to seriously consider the role of emerging technologies and digitalization on their business models, including the impact of machine learning and AI on the recruitment industry. Finally, they reflect on the most important areas for staffing firms to invest in now to secure their place in the future, providing real-world examples of firms that have done this successfully.

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