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On this week’s episode of Radically Agile, Catalant’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Rich Gardner sits down with Antonis Christidis, Partner and Workforce for the Future Co-Leader at Mercer.

Antonis currently co-leads the Mercer and Oliver Wyman partnership in helping organizations transform their workforces for the future. He joined Mercer in 2009 as a Principal consultant. He is actively engaged in helping organizations understand and incorporate future workforce and workplace trends that will shape the relationships between employers and employees. He has extensive experience working with Consumer Goods, Automotive, Technology, Energy and Engineering organizations all over the world.

He is passionate both about the past and the future. In his current role, Antonis is thinking about how technology and new ways of working disrupt established norms, both in the marketplace and within organizations.

Listen in to hear Antonis share his expertise on the workforce of the future, the concept of accessing talent with a fluid mindset, and the meaning of open source talent. Rich and Antonis dive into the war for talent and current workforce structural challenges and solutions. Lastly, this episode addresses flexibility. Everyone knows flexibility is valued, but why is it so difficult to achieve? Antonis shares what he believes are some of the barriers to achieving flexibility within organizations.

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