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“We get a chance to help organizations find a way to send people home more, not less, and make more money.” – Joe Mechlinski

In this week’s episode of Radically Agile, Catalant’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Rich Gardner sits down with Joe Mechlinski, bestselling author, speaker, social entrepreneur, and CEO of SHIFT, a management consulting firm based out of Baltimore, Maryland. SHIFT has been recognized by both the Baltimore Business Journal and Inc. Magazine as one of the best places to work.

Diving into some of the biggest obstacles that companies face trying to make changes, Rich and Joe discuss the importance of an engaged workforce, how to build more mission-focused cultures, and how to leverage the best qualities of the millennial worker generation to drive business growth.

Rich and Joe tackle some big questions about the rapidly changing world of work: What does it take to become a high-performing organization? Why don’t more companies adopt the tools of the future? Finally, Joe talks about his new book, Shift the Work, and the neuroscience behind employee engagement.

Tune in to hear a few examples of companies that are getting it right and what exactly they’re doing to make it work. 

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