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In this week’s episode of Radically Agile, Catalant’s co-founder and co-CEO Rob Biederman sits down with Jody Rose, the President of the New England Venture Capital Association, a trade association that represents the venture and startup communities in New England.

Tune in to listen to Jody and Rob discuss Jody’s career and the problems they’re solving and opportunities they’re creating at NEVCA, including the Hack Diversity program, which advocates for creating a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem in venture and operations.

Jody offers insights about how to balance technology and life sciences, evaluate the performance of trade associations, ensure employees feel valued, and create pleasant, equal, and collaborative environments.

Finally, Rob and Jody discuss what the future of work will look and how talent is fundamental to helping scale an organization. Listen in to hear the biggest blockers of talent retention, how to build a better workforce, and how people should rethink their talent strategy, particularly when they want to bring on early career highly-skilled workers.

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